from 45 EUR to 68 EUR per person based on the option chosen

If you love outdoor sports, RAFTING is an exciting activity to be experienced alone, with friends, as a couple or with your family. Our mountains are the ideal place for this sport.

Tour features
Once you reach the rafting base, you will park no more than 50 meters from the reception, where you will be welcomed by our team.
After registration procedures you will be equipped with thermal and safety equipment: neoprene wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket and helmet.
At the changing rooms you can change and then store your personal clothing in your cars.
Our shuttles will transport you to the boarding area where you will be equipped with a paddle, which is not to be used as a shovel, not even as a shovel to bake pizza, much less to hit the head of the companion especially if he is still without a helmet !!!!!!
Now it's time for the briefing. This strange word is nothing more than an explanation by the guide of the rules of behavior and safety that you will have to follow throughout the descent.
Now "all down in the water".
At the end of the descent you will diligently help the guides to load the inflatables on the trolley.
With all calm you can now return to the base which is only 9 km away enjoying the splendor of the landscape that surrounds you.
Our shuttles know the way back and even if wet from head to toe, they will take you back to the base.
Delivery of material that has been entrusted to you for the descent by inflatable boat, hot shower and relaxation to follow.


GOLE half day - km 8
INTEGRALE - 18 km * This route is only feasible in the spring (April / May / June) as it is influenced by the current water flow


Special rates for FAMILIES, prices ON REQUEST