In your voice is a participatory sound artwork created by Elena Pugliese with the inhabitants of Neive. The visitor climbs
the Tower of Neive and through headphones is accompanied by the warnings of the community. When he reaches the top, he can lose himself in the distance without feeling lost.

Duration: 3' 50'' | Curator Francesca Comisso - a.titolo | Voices: Elena Pugliese, inhabitants of Neive | Text, audio composition: Elena Pugliese | Sound: Roberto Farano | Audio recording: Marco Saracca | Audio recording landscape and town sound: Elena Pugliese
Special project Tower of Neive thanks to Comune di Neive and Painting srl

Tour features
Climbing to the top you are immersed in a distance. Distance is the empty space between what you have and what you want, between what you see and what yearn to touch. In this distance, the theme of the sound art work was conceived: the homecoming. That place, that person, that sound, that voice that accompanies us as we go, reassures us, encourages us, strengthens us. Everyone in the distance needs their own return.? What is it that makes us come or flee home? This is the dimension where advice fits. That phrase said to us before a journey, as a prelude. A phrase that may have been said to us by a person we have never seen again, but whose voice has remained and accompanies us as we go. For me that prelude is an echo, present though absent.

The is to ‘fill’ the Tower with the community of Neive, uniting it in the place that was symbolically conceived as the town’s landmark. Following a process of participation of about two months, which involved places and people, with discussions and meetings about the project, the whole population of Neive was invited to make an action: to climb the Tower and vocally leave a warning that they had often been given. On 7 and 8 October 2020, from sunrise to sunset, about 400 inhabitants left their voices. All the audio messages recorded are available for listening at the Municipal Library.

The complete audio documentation of the approximately 400 recordings left on 7/8 October 2020 is available for listening at the Municipal Library of Neive (Open on SATURDAY 15.00 - 17.00 and SUNDAY 10.00 - 12.00).
What to expect from this tour
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  • headphone
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