Meet your local guide and start your journey to discover the city centre. The tour starts from the ancient Roman Porte Palatine (“Palatine Gates”) and Theatre. You will then reach the Quadrilatero to admire some medieval buildings and the Duomo, a sober, late 15th century building of Renaissance architecture. Afterwards, the tour will continue with the fine examples of Baroque architecture in Turin, built according to the wishes of Christine of France, the first Madama Reale (Madame Royale): you will see the beautiful Piazza San Carlo (“St Charles’ Square”), that is the “the heart of the city”, and its spectacular twin churches, which serve as a scenic backdrop to the square.
Walking through the central Via Roma, which was restored around 1930, you will arrive in Piazza Castello (“Castle Square”): the political hub of the Kingdom of Savoy. There you will find the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale), the Royal Armoury (Armeria Reale), the Royal Library (Biblioteca Reale) -where some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings, such as his famous self-portrait, are kept- and the Royal Theatre (Teatro Regio). The central square is dominated by Palazzo Madama (“Madame Palace”), an ancient Roman Gate later turned into a medieval castle and finally into the luxurious residence of Christina of France: a building that encompasses seven centuries of history!!!
Afterwards, you will discover Turin’s examples of Renaissance architecture. Your guide will show you Piazza Carignano (“Carignano Square”): the Palace which hosted the first parliament of Italy, after Italian’s unification, and where the protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento epic – Charles Albert and Victor Emmanuel II – were born.
Along the way, you will also pass the well-known historic cafés, architectural jewels of Art Nouveau.
Enjoy a delicious lunch at a restaurant in the city centre.
After lunch, discover the Valentino Park and the Medieval Village (Borgo Medievale) it contains. Inaugurated in 1884 at the Italian General Exposition, the Medieval Village of Turin is an example of reconstruction of late medieval buildings and decorations, carried out with strict philological criteria. Many intellectuals, historians, artists and technicians worked on the project, coordinated by Alfredo D'Andrade. Over 40 places inspired its creators, who reproduced the artistic and architectural features of the 15th-century buildings located in Piedmont and Aosta Valley.
Situated in the Valentino Park, along the banks of the Po river, the Medieval Village attracts huge crowds at any season of the year. In the village you will see reconstructed streets, squares, fountains, fortifications, decorations and frescoes, homes and artisan workshops, where experts will give you a demonstration of metals and paper processing and you will have the chance to buy artefacts of various kinds.
The Rocca (fortress), or castle, is undoubtedly the focal point of the tour within the Medieval Village. This fortified manor house has sumptuous rooms, decorated with antique furnishings and rich fabrics, which reflect the lifestyles of the nobles of the 15th century in Piedmont.
Afterwards, driving along a panoramic road, you will reach the Park of the Hill of Turin (Parco della Collina Torinese). There you will relax with a visit to the Royal Basilica of Superga, which was built to satisfy a vow that Victor Amadeus II made in front of the statue of Our Lady of Graces (Madonna delle Grazie) during a difficult time for the Savoy dynasty. You will also have the chance to visit the Royal Tombs.
End of tour.