Cuneo takes its name from its shape: in Italian “Cuneo” means Wedge. It’s delimitated by two rivers: Gesso and Stura. This town has a troubled history. Until the 19th century the heart of the town was Via Roma, contained in mighty walls. When the Napoleon troops arrived, the walls has been destroyed and the new town developed. You will have the possibility to admire the beautiful noble palaces ‘facades in Via Roma and to walk over Piazza Galimberti. This square was named to Tancredi “Duccio” Galimberti, who took a speech from his balcony on the 26 July 1943 to invite people to rebel to the Nazi invasion: in this way many group of partisans were created in the valleys around Cuneo. You could take a break to Arione Café, where Hemingway stopped to taste the meringues and the cuneesi, the typical chocolates of Cuneo, composed by a meringue flavored by ruhm and covered with chocolate. Walk through Viale Angeli and the Resistance park.