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The province of Alessandria has a lot to offer, starting from its history: its Roman origins, its leading role during the Middle Ages and its many works of great artistic value, locatedespecially in the Acquese area and Monferrato Casalese, where we find beautiful churches, palaces, castles and museums.

However, in this province tourism is also synonymous with nature (thanks to its territory evenly divided among plains, hills, mountains and parks), wellbeing (it is in fact provided with excellent spa facilities), but also with cultural and historical events (such as the re-enactment of the famous battle of Marengo, national exhibitions, markets, festivals and fairs).

One of the many reasons to visit the lands of the province of Alessandria, no less important than the previous ones, is definitely its wine and food: here you’ll find a rich range of top quality wines such as Cortese, Grignolino, Moscato and Barbera, to be tasted in historic wine cellars, as well as traditional and refined dishes prepared with genuine local produce.

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