The province of Cuneo is located in the southwestern part of Piedmont and borders France to the west and Liguria to the south.

Most of its territory is covered by the Alps, including the Monviso massif, and the stunning vineyard landscapes of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, whereas the central area consists of a plain crossed by the Po, the Tanaro and other smaller rivers.

Known as the "Provincia Granda” (literally “Big province") for its size, this territory includes 250 municipalities. However, despite the large area it covers, the Province of Cuneo is a sparsely populated area because of its mostly mountainous terrain.

Nevertheless, thanks to this morphological diversity, Cuneo and its province are a very famous tourist destination, offering many different activities. You can go on pleasant hiking routes or peaceful walks in the nature reserves in the area, at the discovery of the many local flora and fauna species, or simply visit its rich history and culture centres, scattered with charming castles, towers, princely residences and marvellous abbeys.

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