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An unforgettable weekend in the charming Turin.

Tour features
Known as the European capital of the Baroque, Turin is also the main city of Piedmont. In recent years it has undergone countless transformations that have led to a substantial evolution from an industrial city to a city devoted to tourism, culture and sport. The city is located on the western side of the Po Valley and is surrounded by the Alps to the west and rolling hills to the east. What was the Savoy capital retains evidence of the Roman era in particular the road system which was renovated by the House of Savoy starting from the sixteenth century always using a rigorous urbanization plan. The geometry of streets, squares and long avenues is of great charm. Among the main attractions of the city are the Savoy residences, monumental squares, the Cathedral and several religious buildings, all great examples of architectural works. Also not to be missed are some museums among which we mention the most famous and original: the Egyptian Museum, the Auto Museum and the Cinema Museum.
In combination with 2 nights in Turin we offer one of our very interesting excursions, a dinner in a typical restaurant in the center and a card that includes admission to two museums to choose from: Egyptian Museum, National Automobile Museum, National Cinema Museum, Museum of the Shroud, Palazzo Madama, Royal Museums and Reggia di Venaria.

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What to expect from this tour
Included In the tour price you will also find
  • 2 nights in 4* HOTEL with Breakfast
  • 1 thematic excursion of your choice - Minimum 4 pax
  • Museum Card which entitles you to admission to two museums of your choice: Egyptian Museum, National Automobile Museum, National Museum of Cinema, Museum of the Shroud, Palazzo Madama, Royal Museums, Reggia di Venaria. NB: the card must be used within 48 hours from the first entry
  • 1 dinner in typical restaurant - drinks excluded
Not included The price of this tour does not include:
  • Supplement excursion for 2 people - 30 EUR per person
  • Transportations and Extras

    Choose one of our thematic excursions to discover the Savoy capital as you prefer.
    Tours last approximately 2 hours and are conducted by licensed tour guides. Extras and any tastings planned during the tours will be regulated on site (to give more freedom of choice, everyone will pay based on what they consume). Available languages: ITALIAN - ENGLISH - FRENCH


    A walking itinerary in Turin, the capital of the Savoy with a delicious final stage. A walking itinerary in Turin, the capital of the Savoy but also a modern city, amidst unique and sumptuous architectural scenarios, events of important personalities and crucial moments of change to retrace a history that lasted 2000 years. The walk will allow you to discover the historic center of Turin in an original and relaxed way among the great Baroque squares and to admire the most famous places in the city from the outside: the Royal Palace, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Palazzo Carignano. A journey through curiosity, history and architectural boast that will reveal the soul of Turin so appreciated and admired over the centuries by noble travelers, famous writers and brilliant artists. We will conclude the tour in a place famous for its typical TRAMEZZINI, invented in Turin. A greedy stop before saying goodbye.

    Take quassio wood, gentian, cinchona, minor centaura, top of absinthe ... "the recipe of the famous chef Vialardi continues in the streets and squares where Vermouth was born! The Turin aperitif tour to discover history and curiosities related to the most famous flavored wine in the world in the city of Carpano, Martini and Cinzano! An itinerary to discover the all-Turin origin of the aperitif to hear stories about the origins of the famous flavored wine and meet people from the past and interesting news related to the invention and production of vermouth: from the story of Mr. Carpano to the success of Cinzano, from historic places in Piazza Castello to the symbols of Martini, and then discover the new delicious openings in Turin! The guided walk will allow us to discover the historic center in a unique and fascinating way and to tell us about customs and special moments linked to the ancient Turin habit of producing, buying and drinking vermouth. From country liqueurs to the demanding requests of the Royal House. From the memory of all the Turin grandmothers who loved offering vermouth in small glasses to their guests, to the trendy cocktails of the cafes of the fifties and sixties loved by stars, politicians and sportsmen. To better understand the characteristics of the product, we can end the walk with a nice tasting! And at the end of the journey you will understand why sooner or later even James Bond will want to come and visit Turin!

    A greedy walk to discover his majesty chocolate, king of TURIN. Meeting in Piazza Castello, where in the sumptuous palaces Madama and Reale gave life to the traditions linked to the food of the gods, first of all the inimitable gianduiotto. The tour continues in Piazza S. Carlo, a true living room in Turin, where some of the most important bars and historical chocolatiers are frequented by great personalities such as Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, ambassadors and famous actors. We will pass through the most beautiful streets and squares of Turin, where we will go to the discovery of some delicacies such as Bicerin, cremini, Penguin and many other leading products of the now famous chocolate ateliers. During the visit you will enter the historical premises of the city where the stories and curiosities inherent to chocolate will be explained.

    The tour ends with a SURPRISE WITH A VIEW! Those expecting a gray city, still linked to its industrial past, will be amazed to see how Turin has been able to renew itself thanks to the refurbishment of old factories, transformed into cultural centers or multifunctional centers, and the construction of new futuristic buildings, designed by architects of world famous. The tour starts from the landmark building of industrial Turin, the Lingotto, a former FIAT factory transformed by Renzo Piano into a multifunctional center. By underground, inaugurated on the occasion of the 2006 Winter Olympics, you will reach the Porta Susa station, the second railway hub of the city, then continuing the visit to admire the Officine Grandi Riparazioni from the outside, one of the most important examples of industrial architecture in the Nineteenth century. The tour will end with an aperitif on the 35th floor of the modern Intesa San Paolo skyscraper, also by Renzo Piano, where you can enjoy an amazing view over the city.

    Strolling along the left bank of the Po. A pleasant and relaxing walk that will make you fall madly in love with Turin! From the majestic Piazza Vittorio Veneto to the famous Parco del Valentino, we will discover the city of the river and the park with its most suggestive corners!

    San Salvario is an unmissable stop for those who want to discover Turin! A fun guided tour among the workshops of artisans and creatives in the dynamic San Salvario district, which grew up during the nineteenth century next to the historic center, today the district of nightlife and creativity made in Turin.

    From the Lescano Trio to Fred Buscaglione. A tour from the city center to the Vanchiglia district dedicated to the musical history of Turin between the roaring thirties and fifties: #swing and #jazz from the origins of radio to the beginnings of television, recalling the places where celebrities such as the sisters of the Trio lived and sang Lescano and Fred Buscaglione. Along the way we will talk about the lives, meetings and the most famous songs of the protagonists of the swing and we will end with a pleasant toast at the foot of the Mole!

    To fully understand Turin, it is inevitable to plan a visit to one of the largest markets in Europe: PORTA PALAZZO. A few minutes away from the most famous squares in the city center, you can immerse yourself in a vibrant and colorful context while walking among stalls, shops and spectacular pavilions. Porta Palazzo is the historic market of Turin, here the Turinese know that you can find everything from traditional Piedmontese gastronomy products to exotic fruit. Since the nineteenth century this square has been a place of meeting and exchange. We will retrace the cultural and architectural history of this place and passing from one counter to another, we will discover many specialties of local cuisine while chatting with the shopkeepers and farmers. We will also have the opportunity to visit the Central Market and enter the historic iceboxes.

    Would you have ever imagined that Turin, such a rigorous and orderly city, could hide a sensual and dissolute soul? Over the centuries, there are many stories that have ignited unpredictable and fiery passions in the heart of Turin. The path, dedicated to the story of impossible loves, court affairs and popular brothels, develops in the historic center among the streets, squares and palaces, theater of the curious events of the most seductive and dark side of the city.


    Second day dedicated to the museums of your choice. Included in the fee you will have 1 card which includes admission to two museums of your choice: Egyptian Museum, National Automobile Museum, National Cinema Museum, Museum of the Shroud, Palazzo Madama, Royal Museums and Reggia di Venaria. And after a very busy day we booked you a table in one of our favorite restaurants in the center. It would be a shame to leave Turin without having tasted the true and authentic Piedmontese cuisine!

    The museum card can be used on both days


    Free day, take the opportunity to enjoy the city a little more! You can continue to use the museum card, take a walk downtown for some shopping or opt for another of our thematic excursions mentioned on day 1.