The province of Asti is located in the centre of Piedmont and borders Liguria to the south. Its territory, almost entirely hilly, extends both into the Monferrato and a small area of ​​the Langhe called Langa Astigiana. Crossed by the River Tanaro, the landscape is very picturesque, alternating hills with vast expanses of vineyards and rolling mountains. Asti and its province are known as the land of wine and are home to the Asti Spumante, one of Italy's most popular white wines abroad. This area is characterized by charming small towns, enchanting small medieval villages perched on the hills, parish churches and small medieval abbeys, which, together with the historic centre of Asti, date back to the period of maximum splendour of this territory between the 11th and 14th century. Particularly noteworthy are also the various beautiful protected areas, such as the Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park (Parco Naturale di Rocchetta Tanaro), the Special Natural Reserves of the Andona, Botto and Grande Valleys (Riserva naturale speciale delle Valli Andona, Botto e Grande) and the Foretodella Jula conservation area (l’oasi Foreto della Jula). 

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